Man’s ex-girlfriend spoils Beijing wedding ceremony in ‘style’ – AsiaOne

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A wedding ceremony in Beijing was cut short when the bridegroom’s ex-girlfriend came on stage and created a stir, China Press reported.

The incident was recorded in a video that went viral.

The video shows the couple getting ready to profess their wedding vows when the woman, who was wearing a wedding gown, “gate-crashed” the ceremony.

She was seen crying and holding the bridegroom’s hand, pleading with him to accept her back.

Although the bride saw her husband-to-be pushing his ex-girlfriend away, she became angry and walked out of the ceremony.

It is learnt that the bridegroom and his ex-girlfriend had broken up after being told that they were not suitable for each other.

Her presence at the wedding made the bride and her family feel uneasy, putting the bridegroom in a tight spot.



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