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Image: Phone Designer via Twitter

Google has typically kept things pretty simple with its smartphone range. But with the market clearly wanting larger and smaller display options, many smartphone makers are now creating a three-model strategy with small, medium and plus-size displays. Google appears to be following suit with the Pixel 4, according to rumours and leaks. Here’s what we can expect from the Google Pixel 4.

#1 There will be three Pixel 4 devices

Google will release three different Pixel 4 model variants.

  • Pixel 4
  • Pixel 4 XL
  • Pixel 4a

#2 The Pixel 4 will ship with Android Q

Android is now a very mature mobile operating system and has, in many ways, overtaken iOS to become not only the highest-selling mobile OS but also the strongest when it comes to features.

Android Q will make some significant improvements to security as well – not just through giving users better access to controls but also under the covers.

#3 What we know about the Pixel 4 camera

When Huawei released the new P30 pro, it changed the market’s expectation of what mobile photography can be.

I’m not sure Google will be trying to overtake the Chinese smartphone giant on the score but it will make improvements to the current set up.

  • Pixel 4: single front camera, single rear camera
  • Pixel 4 XL: single front camera, three rear cameras
  • Pixel 4a: single front camera, single rear camera

Camera performance will be improved on the Pixel 3. Google has managed to get great performance from camera arrangements that look, on paper, to be vastly inferior to its competitors. But through a combination of great software and decent components it’s managed to extract maximum quality from its snappers.

#4 Google understands that we don’t all want phablets

While some handset makers seem focussed on making phones that can be as large as possible, there’s clearly a market for smaller handsets that actually fit in your hand.

We can expect the Pixel 4 XL to retain the 6.3-inch display, possible adding some more space bumping that up to more like 6.5-inches.

The Pixel 4 will come in at around 5.5-inches with the smaller Pixel 4a sitting at closer to 5-inches.

There’s no doubt Google has seen the niche Apple carved out wth the iPhone SE which remains in demand.

#5 Bye-bye notch – hello hole

Google will squeeze some extra real-estate from their displays without increasing the overall device size by ditching notches and bezels, and adopting the same punch-hole camera arrangement we saw Samsung pioneer with the Galaxy S10 range.

I still see the hole as a compromise until under-display cameras become viable in the mainstream but I expect they’ll be part of the smartphone landscape for another year or so.


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